190308 – Image Dump3 min read

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

awesome album art for Arise by Kkaytoh, Nohidea and shogonodo (have a listen)
looking at ways to display old gaming paraphernalia, for an upcoming group show I am planning on hosting. possible source
I love Daruma, this white one is quite striking. possible source
I love stationary, and this is a sexy looking binding.
researching the family mart logo and I came across this Famima branding from their brief foray into the US retail space apparently from a European venture – source
Honda electric car concept, I hope this one happens. it has a little screen on t he front grill you can write messages on! link
start of a font I was making that I never finished. www.baka.osaka
popsicle gang. be warned.
mr donut pon-de-ring. enough said. link
I got really into these animated pixel landscapes last year, and I have a bunch saved on my computer. this one is super pleasant. artist – faxdoc