190311 – Image Dump3 min read

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

I was looking to make a custom bike and came across this one. the colours were so rad. source
Love the idea of graffiti on snow… don’t love the potential environmental effects once it melts… (original captoin -bei einem Spaziergang im Behrenspark Herne ĂŠentstanden) source
I was obsessed with this kinda line work poster for a while. never did one though.
some of my artwork on show at the Rah Collective book launch.
its pink. as if I wouldn’t save this image.
Life added a bunch of photos to its public domain collection on google, so I stole every portrait like this I could find to make multi eyed collages (see 2 images up). source
these rings had moss in them, and I love moss. (source)
images showing the leidenfrost effect on a scalding hot sphere dropped through water. the metal sphere in “a” is hotter then “b”, which shows how a thin film of vapour between the metal and the surrounding water prevents more water from boiling. (source)
I always wanted to do a poster print on those metallic nasa blankets, I never did, but I found this image and loves how it looked. looks like its been taken off the Deutche and Japaner website (source)
I remember reading an article about using these Canon TV Lenses for ultra sharp portraits, and I was trying to track one down for a long time but I think a lot of people were also, as prices skyrocketed. looks rad though. (source)