Finally happy…2 min read

with my website.

its been a long journey, but I am finally happy with what my website has become.

As an illustrator and photographer, I feel the need to have an up to date and good looking website. but I didnt want yet another WordPress portfolio.

For a while now I have been interested in making websites, and making them easily updatable without having to have databases, cms, logins or other things.

My solution isn’t perfect, and the menu still needs work, but its at a place I am happy to use and share, and I can update it as often as I want.

The goals of my website were pretty simple:

  • display images in a nice way
  • be easy to update
  • be responsive
  • work on pretty much everything

Check it out –

I like how it works. A PHP script pulls in images from a folder, showing the most recent image first (based on my naming structure that starts with the date), then it displays them in a flex box gallery. On a portrait device, it will show them as 1 column, landscape device has 2 columns, everything else will show 4 columns.

The Menu is a PHP include on every page, so as I add content, I just copy the file/folder structure into a new folder, and add a link to the universal menu, which will update across every page. It also shows the current page based on CSS only, using a body tag class and some css. very happy with this.

Currently there is no javascript, but I might add a simple Lightbox in the future like my old side.

All that is left to do is add content, but I need to go through all my old hard drives and organise over a decades worth of illo, photo and design work into something that resembles an archive.

If you are looking for a portfolio site, and don’t know much about coding, get in contact and I would be happy to share the source for my portfolio.