IMAGEdump – 1904025 min read

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

I love the sock dart. they are weird and futuristic and just rad enough. I ended up wearing a pare of pale pink ones for my wedding. /src/
I love me some neon in publications. and having different size leaf makes for a really interesting finish /src/
I don’t know if I will ever own home where we can really make it our own, but if we do, JESHKA has some mad grand plans. not sure if this pink grout factors into those plans, but I will float the idea and see where it lands… /src/
moss is seriously one of the raddest organisms around. it is basically immortal, it looks the most luxious (luscious and luxurious, its a thing) green you have ever seen, and its surprisingly resilient. anytime I come across a picture of moss, I steal it. /src/
holographic foil. I have used it in a few projects over the years. and I will always go out to bat for it. its luxious (yeah, twice in one post) and it always costs a mint to print, so you know its good. /src/
aesthetic ィが行
æsthetic (ィが行)

I don’t know if this is still considered cool, or if it ever was, but this is totally my jam. lots of purple in an image just appeals to me (see my photo page on if you wanna see) /src/
I love the shining glasses in anime. I know its some kind of trope and it probably means something, but I just dig it. I even made my last business cards in the same style with my glasses using holographic foil (see above) for the shining glasses. ahh time for new business cards.. /src/
I look forward to the automated driving future. I look forward to it even more if all the cars are boxo style like these Electric UPS vans. /src/
I love flip phones, particularly the Japanese style with the really long screen. The first time I was in Japan, there were a lot of these referred to as World Wing, and they were massive, and had these wide displays that rotated with a pullout antenna for terrestrial tv signal. I could neither afford one, nor figure out if it would work at all when I got back home, but I still want one. This particular example has an awesome translucent shell, which reminds me of most of my gameboy collection, and includes a dot matrix screen that could show caller ID and sms through the shell. why are phones these days so boring. Turns out, this phone was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, who also did the Tokyo 2020 Torch and a bunch of other awesome looking phones. /src/
I needed a ball. I got a ball. of course I went for the oil slick looking one. /src/
workwear as streetwear, plus facemasks. I stole this as inspiration for some character design I was working on. need to dig it out and bring it to life. /src/