Sleeping with Giants…1 min read

Im a bit slow to the game these days. I have been laying low in the Australian creative sphere after spending almost a decade hosting art exhibitions and publishing books filled to the brim with local talent.

But today, when I had some extra time to go around and see what other Australian creative websites have been up to, I found that 2 of my favourite, longest living design blogs have closed down.

Design is Kinky shut up shop back in 2018, and Australian Infront has just closed in the last month or so.

Admittedly, since living in Japan I haven’t really participated in the local creative sphere (I am working on that again, and thats why you are reading this now), but this is super sad for me. Having worked personally with the founders of both of these sites, its hard to think of a time where I can’t just log in and see whats been happening.

Best of luck to all.

(this reminds me that I might have an archive of WATIM around somewhere… I will see if I can dig it out)