Gakken Easy Record Maker1 min read


The popularity of “analog records” is re-emerging in Europe, the United States and Japan. Record production in Japan has increased tenfold since ten years ago, and famous artists have released analog records one after another. Not only fans of the past but also younger generations are attracting attention as items that combine fashion and collection.
This product is an assembly kit that allows all record fans to experience the “cutting function” of records. Let me introduce the whole picture!


◆ Record cutting & playback (monaural), 33/45 rotation switch, REC / PLAY switch, 3.5mm monaural input / output terminal, belt drive type, ceramic cartridge, USB bus power, built-in speaker
◆ Accessories: Complete set of assembly kit / USB power cable / 3.5mm audio plug / 2 cutting needles / 5x 5 inch blank records 5 black / 5 white (both sides can be used), EP adapter, record board holder
* Record and cutting needles will be sold separately.
◆ Recording time (one side): 33 rotations / about 4 minutes, 45 rotations / about 3 minutes
◆ Estimated assembly time: about 60 minutes
◆ Size: W19 × H16 × D15cm / 570g when completed

Source: 大人の科学マガジン「トイ・レコードメーカー」公式|ショップ学研+