I have a website…1 min read

currently, my site looks like this

I’m pretty happy with it, it looks good on mobile, but there is no real menu and the grid is pretty messy when there isn’t a full line.

I have spent a good number of hours to get it to where it is, but I’m starting again.

See, flex, grid, css variables, all these new properties that can be used are super new to me, which turns out means that I was using some of them wrong, and adding things like media queries (which I didn’t really understand 5 years ago) just adds up to a messy experience. I want my code lean. I want people to be able too borrow snippets from my site if they want (I’m talking about illustrators and photographers that know zero code and want something similar to my site).

I will get there, but I’m going to start again, fresh…

you can see my current website at www.baka.osaka – and it will stay until I get a new, cleaner version up, I just need to learn more.