I’m in a show!2 min read

Its been over a year since I was in an art show. The last show I had was a bit shit from a management point of view, so I took an extended break.

I was still drawing, but just now looking to show it anywhere more then in my Instagram feed.

Finally an opportunity has presented where I get to show an illustration in TOKYO!!

With thanks to Super Meteor, an awesome gallery and shop in the Nakano area of Tokyo, I am now part of their 2019 Famicase Exhibition, where artists make a custom game label for a Famicom Cartridge. I can’t show the finished artwork yet, but its an extension of a drawing I did while living in Osaka in 2017.

I can’t show my artwork until the show launches at the end of April, but here is a bit of a teaser for you…

the teaser image for my Famicart.

I have been planning a show like this for a few years, having collected a bunch of fun coloured carts to use myself, but when I was living in Japan I came across the Famicase show. It was awesome. I believe there was over 150 artists contributing to the show I saw, with a wall filled with Famicom cartridges.

I will still do a famicart (thats what I’m calling it) show at some stage, so keen an eye out for the info sometime this year…

For now though, if you are in Tokyo at the end of April, head along to Super Meteor and have a look at this amazing exhibition.

There is also a comprehensive archive of previous exhibitions on their website – www.famicase.com

awesome cart loading animation (source)