I’m Listening… Joji1 min read

Ive been listening to Joji for a while now, but this video came across my youtube the other week and I must have watched it at leat 33 times.

Its a video by Colours, they do these paired back videos for all sorts of songs, just on a colour field background with a floor plate. I had never heard of them before, but now I’m a huge fan.

This track is the opener for Ballads 1, the Joji’s latest album, which is a whole lot of chill music. Excellent to listen to while illustrating. When I first put on the vinyl for the album, I totally passed over this song waiting for Yeah Right to come on, but I’m glad this was brought to my attention again.

Thanks Colors.

Listen for more Joji when I tear apart my monthly playlist, MARCHbangers, at the end of the month…