I’m Listening… Simple Creatures2 min read

I’ve been a huge fan of Mark Hoppus for a long time. blink-182 has been my favourite band for over 20 years now.

There was a time where someone could tell me a single line from a song, and I could name the song, album and year it was released. Knowing all the lyrics by heart saved me many times in my schooling when I needed sources for English essays, and had to pull something out of my ass. Thanks Blink.

So I was stoked to hear some new music from Mark Hoppus, together with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low (also a big fan). They have an EP coming out in May, so as an early birthday present, I preordered the vinyl…

There are 2 tracks out already floating around the inter webs, but here is the Lyric Video for Strange Love. I’m in (strange) love. Personally I prefer their other song Drug, and it seems like Spotify does too with more then double the plays.

Check them out at www.simplecreaturesmusic.com