IMAGE DUMP – 1903133 min read

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

this is an awesome stencil by an old friend, Teem Collective. /src/
would love too have one of these scultptures at home /src/
any time I am stressed, I pull up this gif and I am no longer stressed. /src/
pink neons, enough said /src/
I don’t remember when I first started like oni-camber, but I wish I lived in a country where this was legal /src/
this hand embroidered patch glows in the dark! /src/
I love me some super simple rad looking vinyl toys. /src/
I didn’t manage to get this release, but I got on that is rainbow galaxy flake with a glow brain, so that’s rad. /src/
who doesn’t like a tiddy. /src/
kintsugi taken to the next level, creating totally new objects that are oddly beautiful. /src/