IMAGEdump – 1903264 min read

this was some of the inspiration I was using when I was getting into pixel art. the colours are almost perfect. /src/
I’ve always been a fan of publishing, haven’t spent years making books full of local artists work, but I love when a book mixed the stock used, or does something unexpected. /src/
an awesome example of Japanese stab binding, where you pierce holes through the pages and then sew them together. I trained in this method while at uni, and even though I don’t use it often with my zines now, it used to be all I would do to bind them. /src/
I love these space suit examples will the full glass dome helmets. so futuristic /src/
speaking of publication, here are a bunch of books I published as well as some zines and stickers at the Print and Staple zine fair at The Tate Gallery a few years back. His Happy spread by yours truly, Demon Spread by Teens on Acid /src/
I know this is a dragon ball reference, I have just started watching the original series from the beginning, but I just loved the illustration style, and this is something I want to try and emulate. /src/
crystal castles. what is there to say. I love the music, I hate the allegations of abuse. I don’t listen much anymore, but I used to listen to them on repeat so much. /src/
an photo from the opening of CUPCO‘s Art Wank 2 show. my work is the nude shibari illustration, bottom centre of frame. /src/
font sample of Cartograph, which I bought on sight. I love a sexy monospace font. for years I have been using Space Mono (cos its free and one of the more interesting fonts around). this blog is set in space mono. but I keep this sexy Cartograph monospace for publications and zines. /src/
this is just some glue for the Nintendo labo kits. you spray it all over to give them more durability, but the simple packaging really caught my eye. and anyone who uses separated CMYK is a friend of mine… /src/