IMAGEdump – 1903284 min read

pretty sure this was research for one of the Art Wank shows. looking at erotica through different mediums. I thought this one was really well executed. (source)
I’m no iPhone fanboy. but they make for very delightful devices to hold. what I really want is a 4G NOKIA 8850 with an excellent camera… /src/
someones kit. for a while I was obsessed with knolling, still am really. I had a regular blog post on the CLOUDmountain blog where I would get people to empty their pickets or bags, lay it all out and photograph it from above…. I might bring that back /src/
I love clouds. any kind of cloud can look lovely. I don’t like destruction though. (source)
I was going to do a series of microscopic bug drawings, but the more I looked at these close up images the more it made my skin crawl. it never happened. (source)
James Jirat Patradoon. he was my fave illustrator throughout my university, and was even a large part of my honours thesis. (I hate to say it, but I prefer his earlier work)
Mike Giant is a living legend. I got to meet him a few years ago, super chill and lovely dude. He posted this shot on his blog a few years ago, and I just loved that he embraced who he was. it think this may have been a senior portrait or something. (source)
design can be so boring these days. I love this kin d of repeat that was prolific in the 80s and early 90s. from memory, this is a modern day repro of the style, but the way those letters stack towards the bottom is super pleasing. (source)
Japanese design is always interesting, and the way in which the Japanese aesthetic has been adopted by the west, and then readopted back into Japan. I have a couple of long form thesis style ideas I want to explore in this area… watch this space. /src/
I love a good business card. some people hate the super flashy ones, but are you kidding me. its an awesome little art print that people will offer up for free. why not make it something super memorable. /src/