IMAGEdump – 1904085 min read

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

I love these stupid naked cats. they look so angry and interesting and I some day hope to own one. I straight up traced this one for a poster I made years ago. /src/
I long for a large open loft or Waterhouse space to live and work in. in Sydney, that dream was crushed long ago, but I still want it. someday I will have a space like this, calm and peaceful and tranquil, but also productive and fun. /src/
this was a concept for a brand I worked on a bunch of years ago, it was thrown out but I might end up using it for something. who know. /src/
glitchy photos have always appealed to me. I have a lot of apps on my phone to do it, and at one stage I was editing the code of some jpgs in a hex editor to get them all glitchy and rad. I never used them for a project, and this one isn’t even mine, but its rad none the less. /src/
hot star large fried chicken. first found out about this from Eddie Huang when he was in Taiwan for Huang’s World. then it opened up near my home and I got addicted. I try and only get it once a month or so these days.. Crispy, spicy, ethereal as Eddie would say. /src/
Honda ruckus. 50cc of pure badassery. these scooters have been modified to the ends of the earth, and I one day hope to own one. I just need to lose a hundred or so pounds so it will actually drag my fat ass around the back streets of the inner west… its a real tossup between these anda. superb for me, but either way, once I get one I will mod the shit out of it /src/
concrete. minimal. small. this is the perfect kind of house/office for me. this one has to be in Japan somewhere, as no westerner would understand the real appeal of a space like this. when I first lived with JESHKA we made our floor out of polished concrete. it was an old converted garage so there were oil stains and marks all over it, but that was a huge part of the appeal. now I love these super clean fresh concrete walls with the marks from the formwork, and after getting to meet Ando Tadao and seeing his buildings dotted across Japan in the flesh, I want nothing more then a space like this one day. (from the source, of course this one is is Osaka.) /src/
Japan has an amazing knack for making souvenirs that are hyper local, from hello ktty matin takoyaki in Osaka to these beauties I picked up from Hakodate, on Japan’s North Island of Hokkaido. The squid is super common in the waters surrounding the island, and the marimba moss ball (mine is a fake one) originates from Lake Akan. /src/
this is such an awesome tattoo. its simple and interesting, but all has a lot going on. the clouds are my favourite part. I have always been a fan of tattoos like this, and linework only tattoos. I want to have a whole sleeve of linework so if I have kids in the future they will be able to colour it in like a colouring book. /src/
I found this gif back when JESHKA was at school for interior architecture, and I thought it looked like the simplest way to do drawings using 2 point perspective. its just a rubber band and some drawing pins, perfect for quick but accurate sketches.