OCCASIONALsnacking – White Peach Fanta1 min read

Peach is without a doubt my favourite flavour.

White Peach just levels it up another notch.

I did an illustration of the White Peach Fanta Bottle.

Fanta is delicious as it is. It starts out great in orange flavour, and locally we seem to be able to get grape, strawberry, pineapple and maybe a couple of other flavours. The thing is though, they all taste super artificial, super sugary, and way to sweet to be consumed regularly.

Flavours in Japan on the other hand seem to be well balanced, closer to the actual flavour they are meant to represent, and not overly sweet. Peach is a very popular flavour in Japan, which comes around seasonally every year and seems to spread across every product imaginable.

White Peach drinks in Japan are the best. You have the Fanta, pictured here, you have various brands offering Chu-Hai, candies, Kit Kats, and even more savoury foods with a peach twist.

If you can find a White Peach Fanta, I highly recommend picking it up and trying it for yourself.