Tenki no Ko, aka Weathering with You, AKA the kind of sequel to Your Name.2 min read

Your Name, the highest grossing anime of all time, was HUGE when I was living in Japan. There was merch everywhere, posters, advertisements, and I think that was months after the movie had actually been released. I didnt get to watch the film until I came back to Australia, as I had to wait for the subtitled release (bakakid is a Baka when it comes to actually speaking/reading/knowing Japanese, but we will get there).

Tenki no Ko is the latest film from director Makoto Shinkai, and feature a soundtrack by Radwimps again, which I am super excited about. The film releases in Japan mid year. Can’t wait. Watch the trailer below to get a feel of it.

Your Name is still one of my favourite movies of all time. Its beautifully animated, the soundtrack by Radwimps kicks some serious ass with earworms that get deep into your brain, and the story is touching, funny and quite sad at times. If you haven’t already watched it, you can currently see it on Netflix (in Australia at least).

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