Video Game Kicks3 min read

Since tumblr’s war on nipples has dropped the once prolifically nsfw microblogging hub’s overall traffic by approximately 30%, a lot of people are wondering why even bother logging in anymore. If there isn’t even a chance of seeing a tiddy then I may as well stay on Instagram…

But, Tumblr has also been a haven for niche blogs and photo streams that had no where else to go. One such blog it Video Game Kicks by by R23X aka VHS Stills (who I have been following on Instagram for years also, just learnt it was their blog as I write this).

Over the past 2 years, Video Game Kicks has been collecting and cataloguing various Kicks from all sorts of videos games, including a shot of the shoes, some commentary, the game name, character name and even video game publisher with release date.

There isn’t a lot of content, VHS Stills runs a number of projects so seems to be a very busy individual, but here are a couple of my faves.

from Video Game Kicks – These hi-tops tho… Citan a.k.a. Hyuga… from Xenogears (Squaresoft, 1998).
from Video Game Kicks – Sakura (春日野 さくら) from Rival Schools.
This is some hype beast type shit.

There seems to be some new posts from the last month or so as well. so if you still remember your tumblr login, give them a follow. OR if you don’t have access to your hotmail account for that forgot password email (lel, its a joke) just bookmark the site and check it every so often. Gems like these don’t come around everyday…

Also VHS Stills sells some awesome flight/field bags. Im working on my own for TOKYObodega, but in the meantime, check these out.
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