BEST HIT CHRONICLE 1/1 カップヌードル1 min read

― A new feeling capnu that can’t be created in 3 minutes ― A birth of a drama model!


A collaborative project with a company that has created “hit products” that have attracted many people and have given innovation to the world,

“Cup noodles” appear in the “BEST HIT CHRONICLE” series! The tasteful structure and details are faithfully reproduced on a 1/1 scale.



● Real structure of noodles and ingredients

  During development, 3D scan of real noodles and ingredients of cup noodles was performed.

  Reproduce the detailed surface details of shrimp, eggs and mysterious meat (seasoned pork minced) to the shape of each noodle.


● Equipped with “intermediate holding structure” just like cup noodles!

  An intermediate holding structure (state in which noodles float from the bottom of the cup) that prevents damage during transportation is installed just like the real thing even in plastic models.


-Reproduce the cup (container) part with carefully designed parts!


  Reproduced the “CUP NOODLE” logo on the molded product

  The characteristic logo is not a sticker, but reproduced by overlapping red and white parts.


  Reproduce the cup design by dividing the parts!

  Even the golden dotted pattern and the cup design with red lines are reproduced by dividing the parts.

  Furthermore, the hot water pouring line inside the cup is also reproduced


  Product information such as nutritional information is reproduced with a high-definition mold!

  The product information on the side of the cup is reproduced with a tightly engraved mold. The text color is reproduced with the attached sticker.



Product size: Height approx. 108 mm (1/1 scale)



1/1 scale assembly type plastic model 

Target age: 15 years old or older

Product material: PS/ABS

・Do not use adhesive for assembly

* Tools such as nippers (sold separately) are required for assembly.