Cashless Gashapon capsule toy vending machines1 min read

the new Pipit Gacha line will utilize an internal QR code reader and a 4G net connection to scan a QR code on your smart phone for payment. Once the transaction is approved, you can turn the handle just as with a regular machine to receive your prize. Developers state that this technologically enhanced system combines the traditional thrill of gachapon with the convenience of not needing to have coins on hand to play.Furthermore, Pipit Gacha has the potential to be used for a variety of applications as the price for one play can be freely set by individual businesses as well as customization of the glass case itself and its bodily design. Businesses could also utilize the machines as tools for sales promotions given their function to distribute QR codes for prizes to online shoppers which can only be redeemed at machines in physical store locations. This function could also be used for new product campaigns or for limited-time rewards for store members, or to collect marketing data to help businesses track what types of customers use the machines and at what times.

Source: No coins? Not a problem for Japan’s new cashless gachapon capsule toy vending machines | SoraNews24 -Japan News-


Also from the team at the Tech Gacha Institute, is a Gashapon that you can activate by smiling!