Lazareth Mini Moke V8M SUV1 min read

The Mini Moke is quintessentially British transportation. Tiny and simple with a front-wheel-drive, doorless design, the Moke was originally designed for the military but its lack of ground clearance sent it to the public instead. The ute shared its engine and front-wheel-drive configuration with the legendary Mini, and around 15,000 were made between 1964 and 1968. And then Lazareth got a hold of one. Known for wild motorcycles like the quad-wheel, V8-powered LM847, Lazareth thought a similar approach was needed for their Moke. This ended with a 460 horsepower Maserati V8 being stuffed in the engine bay, and roll bars and 17-inch aluminum wheels to try and tame the power. Watch the result here, or, if you’re truly brave, Lazareth is selling the one-off project.

Source: Lazareth Mini Moke V8M SUV | Uncrate