World Bee Day – Bee Home by SPACE10

My Folks keep bees, they did before I was born and in the last year or so they have finally gotten back to it big time. They LOVE it. and thats why I didn’t mind when my ma messaged early this morning to tell me it was World Bee Day!

And just in time for World Bee Day, SPACE10 have created a system for making a bee home/hotel for your own garden. Not just practical, but beautiful as well.

You configure the Bee Home on the website, generate and download CNC files and take them to a local Makerspace, then BOOM, you are helping the  bees.

Here is my Bee Home, 8 stories, with a stand.

SPACE10 created Bee Home in collaboration with technology-driven design studio Bakken & Bæck and industrial designer Tanita Klein.

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to enable a better everyday life for people and planet, and is proudly supported by IKEA.

01 Design

Design your very own Bee Home in a few minutes. Just select size, visual style and desired placement, like a rooftop, balcony or garden — or play around with the shuffle button. Your design will instantly update.

02 Fabricate

Download the design files for free and share them with a makerspace. We’ll help you find a local space, and they’ll help you create your Bee Home.

03 Place

Once assembled, place your Bee Home facing the morning sun. Plant some flowers in your local area to help the native bees thrive.Finally, upload a few photos of your new Bee Home and place it on the community map.

Source: Bee Home

‘Life, art, pandemic, and proximity’ brings public art back to Berlin

With so much of the art world shifting to online exhibitions, it may come as a surprise that a physical art show went up in Berlin this past weekend. The city is currently under lockdown until April 19, which prohibits gatherings of more than two people, and requires people stay 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) apart.In the installation, called Die Balkone: Life, art, pandemic, and proximity, artists mounted works of art on their balconies and street-facing windows, taking advantage of a middle-ground space between private and public life. Yes, a balcony is still a part of your home, but it’s also visible to the public from a safe distance. A built-in, underutilized showroom—if you want it to be.

Source: ‘Life, art, pandemic, and proximity’ brings public art back to Berlin

Nicoco – Shanghai During Coronavirus Outbreak

My objective for this series was to capture the feeling of apocalyptic emptiness. Some of the photos may look as if they were captured at strange early morning hours, but as a collection, it seeks to reinforce there were no people, anywhere.These are Shanghai’s busiest locations that can compare to Times Square in New York City, Big Ben in London, the Bean in Chicago, or the Washington Monument in DC. They are very popular on an average day, and very, very popular during holidays as domestic tourists and residents spend time with their families and check out festive displays, shop, or just meander around.

You can find the photos on her Instagram.

Source: Ghost City Photos of a Usually Bustling Shanghai During Coronavirus Outbreak

See the Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s dazzling, iridescent rainbow glass – The Verge

One of Apple’s most iconic Apple Stores, the all-glass cube on Fifth Avenue, has been under renovations since 2017. Last week, Apple revealed a new look for the cube that makes it shine with a rainbow iridescence — and we sent our photographer Amelia to capture it for you.

The new look is gorgeous, but also not permanent. Apple told The Verge that the iridescence is caused by a wrap covering the glass that is “temporary,” so see it while you can. As of late, Apple has been embracing the heritage of its classic rainbow logo, so we have to wonder if this new look for the cube might also be featured onstage at tomorrow’s iPhone event. Perhaps the store will reopen in tandem with the launch of the next iPhones.

Source: See the Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s dazzling, iridescent rainbow glass – The Verge