Evangelion emergency rations

Ever wonder what everyone who has to evacuate Tokyo-3 while the Evangelions are fighting Angels is eating?

There’s no shortage of sci-fi anime settings that get regularly wrecked whenever the heroes sortie out in their robots to fight for humanity’s survival, but few get wrecked as hard as Evangelion’s Tokyo-3. With the mysterious organization Nerv’s Japanese headquarters keeping the very thing the invading alien Angels want in their basement below the city, extraterrestrial intruders attack the community with alarming frequency, and it’s not like the team of adolescent pilots in often uncooperative mecha ever manage to keep the collateral damage especially low.

So with urban evacuations part of the basic rhythm of life, there must be a lot of emergency rations being handed out to people eating them in shelters while Shinji is out there in his Eva punching Angels, right? And now you can experience such fine dining for yourself with an entire line of Evangelion emergency rations that’s just gone on sale in Japan.

Source: Official Evangelion emergency rations, with curry and beef bowls, are now on sale【Photos】 | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

New Calpis Water bottle design can only be fully seen after you drink the contents | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Keep refreshed and get a glimpse of Japanese high school life with these charming bottle designs.Yoghurt-based soft drink Calpis is, for many Japanese people, a beloved summer drink. Sure, for some people, a yoghurt-based drink doesn’t sound particularly appealing, especially when paired with a name that sounds like bovine urine.But Calpis remains popular in Japan and has been for over 100 years, with the company constantly coming up with fresh and creative collaborations.This year, Calpis has released limited edition summer Calpis Water bottles, with three unique designs all featuring charming illustrations of high school kids and their after-school life. But there’s also a mysterious instruction: “Once you finish the drink, a new illustration will appear.” What is this, Alice in Wonderland?

The person responsible for the beautiful drawings on the bottles is artist Rei Kato, who posted the full illustrations on their Twitter account.

Source: New Calpis Water bottle design can only be fully seen after you drink the contents | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Limited edition Ramen Pringles to be sold in Pringles vending machines in Japan

Make your hunt for this new Pringles flavor an adventure!

Much like KitKats, Pringles in Japan come in all sorts of limited-edition flavors like green curry, cheeseburger, eggs benedict, pizza toast, and more. It’s become one of those snacks that you constantly look for on the shelves to see what new flavors are available.

This time around, Pringles Japan is paying homage to the eastern Kanto region of Japan and its famous shoyu ramen made with a seafood dashi base. These Kanto Dashi Shoyu Ramen Pringles will be on sale in Japan starting July 27.

▼ The label features a bowl of ramen set against a skyline of Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, and Tokyo

Source: Limited edition Ramen Pringles to be sold in Pringles vending machines in Japan

Lawson private brand logo & packaging | nendo

for Lawson

While many Japanese convenience store chains develop and offer private brand products under a unified image, Lawson operates multiple brands according to product type and target customer base: MACHI Café for coffee, Uchi Café for sweets, and NATURAL LAWSON for healthy goods, as well as branded fried chicken and rice balls. Such a system provides customers the joy of selecting from among highly specialized and distinctive brands, as if the convenience store were a shopping mall, but it also impedes the ability to appeal the Lawson brand itself. And so a visual identity system came to be considered, one maintaining the traits of each brand while creating a sense of unity under Lawson.

First, the silhouette from Lawson’s main logo and its L were taken to develop a highly recognizable and serviceable private brand icon, the ‘ L-logo’. It was conceived that, by having the L-logo change into existing brands as if the latter were costumes, a connection could be tied elegantly to the Lawson brand without damaging its former, conventional image. Other private brand products were included in a regular assortment for everyday life and labeled ‘L basic’, taking on the L-logo without modification. Packages are unified—with milk, eggs, bread, and other such foods in beige, and tissues, soap, and household goods in gray—and designed with silhouette illustrations to indicate package contents. Product names are indicated in four languages—Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean—to accommodate overseas visitors. To reduce visual clutter once products enter the customers’ living spaces, prices and product descriptions are written clearly on the store POP displays. Food products outside L basic are branded as ‘L marche’ and placed into 4 categories—frozen foods, snacks, fast foods, and others—with features of each category added to the L-logo. In pursuit of a soft look that also appeals to non-regular female customers, a cozy font and hand-drawn illustrations depicting package contents and ingredients in an easy to understand manner are patterned across packages, rather than favoring large product photography like those covering the old packaging. The designs of Lawson’s nearly 700 private brand products, sold in approximately 14,000 stores nationwide, were systematized in a project undertaken in the hopes of bringing a little joy and comfort to everyday life.

Source: Lawson private brand logo & packaging | nendo


― A new feeling capnu that can’t be created in 3 minutes ― A birth of a drama model!


A collaborative project with a company that has created “hit products” that have attracted many people and have given innovation to the world,

“Cup noodles” appear in the “BEST HIT CHRONICLE” series! The tasteful structure and details are faithfully reproduced on a 1/1 scale.



● Real structure of noodles and ingredients

  During development, 3D scan of real noodles and ingredients of cup noodles was performed.

  Reproduce the detailed surface details of shrimp, eggs and mysterious meat (seasoned pork minced) to the shape of each noodle.


● Equipped with “intermediate holding structure” just like cup noodles!

  An intermediate holding structure (state in which noodles float from the bottom of the cup) that prevents damage during transportation is installed just like the real thing even in plastic models.


-Reproduce the cup (container) part with carefully designed parts!


  Reproduced the “CUP NOODLE” logo on the molded product

  The characteristic logo is not a sticker, but reproduced by overlapping red and white parts.


  Reproduce the cup design by dividing the parts!

  Even the golden dotted pattern and the cup design with red lines are reproduced by dividing the parts.

  Furthermore, the hot water pouring line inside the cup is also reproduced


  Product information such as nutritional information is reproduced with a high-definition mold!

  The product information on the side of the cup is reproduced with a tightly engraved mold. The text color is reproduced with the attached sticker.



Product size: Height approx. 108 mm (1/1 scale)



1/1 scale assembly type plastic model 

Target age: 15 years old or older

Product material: PS/ABS

・Do not use adhesive for assembly

* Tools such as nippers (sold separately) are required for assembly.

McDonald’s Ramune Shake


The Japanese soda with a glass marble steps out as a McShake for a limited time.

McDonald’s loves to serve up Japan-exclusive treats that appeal to local tastes, and some of their best releases have come about when they’ve tied up with leading confectionery brands like Calpis and Morinaga.

Now, McDonald’s and Morinaga are teaming up for another weird and wonderful offering, with the announcement of the arrival of the Ramune McShake.

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve probably encountered Ramune, one of the country’s most popular carbonated drinks, which comes in a slim Codd bottle with a glass marble under the cap. For the uninitiated, working out what the marble is meant to be used for can be a puzzle, but people in Japan, who’ve been drinking ramune since they were young kids, know exactly what to do.

Simply push the marble through the rubber opening with the flat top provided and you get instant fizz.

This fizzy soda has a lemon-lime taste and is so popular it’s even available in candy form, sold in small plastic tubes that mimic the shape of the glass bottle. It’s this candy flavour that McDonald’s will be using in the new McShake.

The flavour is said to be just like the sweet, only with a rich creaminess and an icy finish that makes it refreshing for summer.

The McShake cups will feature the same distinctive colour as Morinaga’s ramune candy bottle

Source: McDonald’s captures the sweet flavour of Japan with new Ramune milkshake | SoraNews24 -Japan News-