World Bee Day – Bee Home by SPACE10

My Folks keep bees, they did before I was born and in the last year or so they have finally gotten back to it big time. They LOVE it. and thats why I didn’t mind when my ma messaged early this morning to tell me it was World Bee Day!

And just in time for World Bee Day, SPACE10 have created a system for making a bee home/hotel for your own garden. Not just practical, but beautiful as well.

You configure the Bee Home on the website, generate and download CNC files and take them to a local Makerspace, then BOOM, you are helping the  bees.

Here is my Bee Home, 8 stories, with a stand.

SPACE10 created Bee Home in collaboration with technology-driven design studio Bakken & Bæck and industrial designer Tanita Klein.

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to enable a better everyday life for people and planet, and is proudly supported by IKEA.

01 Design

Design your very own Bee Home in a few minutes. Just select size, visual style and desired placement, like a rooftop, balcony or garden — or play around with the shuffle button. Your design will instantly update.

02 Fabricate

Download the design files for free and share them with a makerspace. We’ll help you find a local space, and they’ll help you create your Bee Home.

03 Place

Once assembled, place your Bee Home facing the morning sun. Plant some flowers in your local area to help the native bees thrive.Finally, upload a few photos of your new Bee Home and place it on the community map.

Source: Bee Home

My Famicase Exhibition 2020 – My Entry

Here is my entry for the 2020 My Famicase Exhibition. where you make up a game for a famicom cartridge and draw the art label for the cartridge.

Gotcha Gacha


Gotcha Gacha brings all the excitement and fun on real Capsule Machines to the digital world. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything, you still have to pay each time you want to turn the handle. Gotcha Gachas gonna Get ya.


Source: わたしのファミカセ展 2020 – My Famicase Exhibition 2020

Here are a few of my other favourite entries!


Famicase Exhibition – Online

Unfortunately due to the current situation the Famicase exhibition won’t open in Tokyo, but they have put everything online!! I will post my artwork shortly



The Famicase exhibition may be closed at METEOR for a while, But the website goes right on schedule!

Source: METEOR on Instagram: “本年度の『わたしのファミカセ展』店頭展示は延期といたします オンラインサイトでは、予定通り全270作品をご覧いただけるよう準備を進めています。お楽しみに! The Famicase exhibition may be closed at METEOR for a…”

‘Life, art, pandemic, and proximity’ brings public art back to Berlin

With so much of the art world shifting to online exhibitions, it may come as a surprise that a physical art show went up in Berlin this past weekend. The city is currently under lockdown until April 19, which prohibits gatherings of more than two people, and requires people stay 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) apart.In the installation, called Die Balkone: Life, art, pandemic, and proximity, artists mounted works of art on their balconies and street-facing windows, taking advantage of a middle-ground space between private and public life. Yes, a balcony is still a part of your home, but it’s also visible to the public from a safe distance. A built-in, underutilized showroom—if you want it to be.

Source: ‘Life, art, pandemic, and proximity’ brings public art back to Berlin

A.M.O.K 《version 1》 Limited FIRST Edition of 10 Lottery – Brackmetal (Gerald Leung)

LOTTERY OPEN!! (20/3 – 22/3)

A.M.O.K 《version 1》
Limited FIRST edition – 10 pcs

26.5cm / 7 points articulation / Mixed media on black vinyl / Removable sneakers / Cloth armband with insignia
Due to the hand painted nature of these, each piece is slightly different. Notably the scruffs, drips & weather effects throughout the body and also the random placement of his silver teeth. Each piece also has a unique number badge (edition number) on the chest.
Design & painted by @brackmetal
Produced by @plamanhobby
Price: $350USD + $35USD Worldwide shipping

To enter lottery please submit the following info to: brutalbrackmetal((at))gmail((dot))com
Subject line – AMOK LOTTERY
Postal address
Phone number

Lottery deadline: 23/3, 12am AEDT
Winners will be notified via email shortly after.
Thank you everybody for the support so far!

A.M.O.K 《version 1》
初回限定盤 10体




価格:$350USD + $35USD 全世界送料

抽選エントリーへのお申込み方法は、メールでbrutalbrackmetal((at))gmail((dot))com 宛へ、下記の情報を送付してください。




#brackmetal #brackmetaltoys #amok#projectmaxmad #sofubi #sofvi#softvinyltoy #ソフビ #ソフビ人形

Source: @brackmetaltoys on Instagram: “LOTTERY OPEN!! (20/3 – 22/3) A.M.O.K 《version 1》 Limited FIRST edition – 10 pcs 26.5cm / 7 points articulation / Mixed media on black…”

Beautiful Castle Death Machine by BitMorsel


I was stoked when Noah (AKA Bitmorsel) reached out to me about making a game from My Famicase artwork for Beautiful Castle Death Machine. He shred some in progress worked over the last month or so, and has finally put up a downloadable version!

here is my original case design the game was inspired by

Beautiful Castle Death Machine: A quiet morning survival version by BAKAkid

Go check it out, like, follow, support indie game creators.

Thanks Bitmorsel !!!

This game is part of the “A Game By Its Cover Jam 2019”.  Development will continue beyond the event.  Your feedback can help influence the features of the game, so please leave a comment! (Gamepad Recommended)

Programming & Pixel Art by BitMorsel:

The concept is based on a fictional Famicom game cartridge created by artist Bakakid:


Music created by Rolesmusic:

Licensed under create commons CC BY 4.0 International:

Source: Beautiful Castle Death Machine by BitMorsel