McDonald’s Ramune Shake


The Japanese soda with a glass marble steps out as a McShake for a limited time.

McDonald’s loves to serve up Japan-exclusive treats that appeal to local tastes, and some of their best releases have come about when they’ve tied up with leading confectionery brands like Calpis and Morinaga.

Now, McDonald’s and Morinaga are teaming up for another weird and wonderful offering, with the announcement of the arrival of the Ramune McShake.

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve probably encountered Ramune, one of the country’s most popular carbonated drinks, which comes in a slim Codd bottle with a glass marble under the cap. For the uninitiated, working out what the marble is meant to be used for can be a puzzle, but people in Japan, who’ve been drinking ramune since they were young kids, know exactly what to do.

Simply push the marble through the rubber opening with the flat top provided and you get instant fizz.

This fizzy soda has a lemon-lime taste and is so popular it’s even available in candy form, sold in small plastic tubes that mimic the shape of the glass bottle. It’s this candy flavour that McDonald’s will be using in the new McShake.

The flavour is said to be just like the sweet, only with a rich creaminess and an icy finish that makes it refreshing for summer.

The McShake cups will feature the same distinctive colour as Morinaga’s ramune candy bottle

Source: McDonald’s captures the sweet flavour of Japan with new Ramune milkshake | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

SafeHandFish: Repurposing Portable Soy Sauce Containers for Hand Sanitizer

SafeHandFish is a joint-initiative from two Japanese companies: Cleanse EX, a maker of a natural antibacterial agent, and Ohishiya, who manufactures and refills the ubiquitous fish-shaped portable soy sauce containers. Due to the global pandemic, the later experienced a collapse in demand for their

Source: SafeHandFish: Repurposing Portable Soy Sauce Containers for Hand Sanitizer | Spoon & Tamago

Evangelion Tamagotchi – Evacchi


Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno’s seminal anime about traumatized child pilots, is branching into friendlier offshoots with a Tamagotchi crossover. In Japan, they’ll launch on June 13th for 2,530 yen (roughly $23). Finally, your very own lil murder tyke, safely contained in a plastic egg.


Source: エヴァンゲリオン×たまごっち | ネットで発見!!たまごっち 公式ホームページ

Off-Grid Cyberdeck! The Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit — BACK7.CO

Building Internet-connected things seems obvious today, but what about when there’s no Internet?

 The concept often feels like something out of a science fiction movie or a doomsday prepper’s handbook- and while this device can work in both scenarios, it’s also about understanding resiliency for your projects and being a good steward of the systems in place today.

I’ve been posting the progress of this project on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all month, and this is my full build log of the project. You’ll find the parts list at the bottom of this article. They are affiliate links that help me make more cool stuff, and by using them you don’t pay any more than usual- so thank you for supporting my projects, even just a little bit.

Parts List

  1. Pelican 1300 Case

  2. Raspberry Pi 4

  3. Raspberry Pi Fan

  4. Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen Display

  5. Raspberry Pi Terminal Block Adapter & Ribbon Cable

  6. Hookup Wire

  7. Space Grey PETG Filament

  8. Ethernet jack panel connector

  9. Barrel jack power connector

  10. USB panel connectors

  11. Plaid Ortholinear Keyboard Kit

  12. Cherry MX Silent Keyboard Switches

  13. DSA Beyond Keycaps

  14. NKK Switches or find them on eBay for much cheaper

  15. Mil Spec Connectors (panel and cable)

  16. Netgear Switch

  17. Stainless M5 Screws (Mostly 12mm)

  18. Stainless set screws

  19. Clevis Rod Ends

  20. 3D Files (Tinkercad and Thingiverse)

Source: Off-Grid Cyberdeck! The Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit — BACK7.CO

Gakken Easy Record Maker


The popularity of “analog records” is re-emerging in Europe, the United States and Japan. Record production in Japan has increased tenfold since ten years ago, and famous artists have released analog records one after another. Not only fans of the past but also younger generations are attracting attention as items that combine fashion and collection.
This product is an assembly kit that allows all record fans to experience the “cutting function” of records. Let me introduce the whole picture!


◆ Record cutting & playback (monaural), 33/45 rotation switch, REC / PLAY switch, 3.5mm monaural input / output terminal, belt drive type, ceramic cartridge, USB bus power, built-in speaker
◆ Accessories: Complete set of assembly kit / USB power cable / 3.5mm audio plug / 2 cutting needles / 5x 5 inch blank records 5 black / 5 white (both sides can be used), EP adapter, record board holder
* Record and cutting needles will be sold separately.
◆ Recording time (one side): 33 rotations / about 4 minutes, 45 rotations / about 3 minutes
◆ Estimated assembly time: about 60 minutes
◆ Size: W19 × H16 × D15cm / 570g when completed

Source: 大人の科学マガジン「トイ・レコードメーカー」公式|ショップ学研+

Teens On Acid – Colouring Book

Self Isolation just got better.
I’ve put together a 30 page colouring book for you.


#teensonacid #stayathome#colouringbook

Source: Josh Thorsen on Instagram: “Self Isolation just got better. I’ve put together a 30 page colouring book for you. DOWNLOAD NOW AND SHARE YOUR…”

Katherine Sabbath – Greatest Hits – Free to download

My sweet mates, #KatherineSabbathGreatestHits the eBook, is now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on Google Books & Apple Books. It’s filled with a fantastical variety of recipes & stories, taken from our bestselling 3D pop-up book of the same name (a huge creative community effort!). Please read, enjoy, & create with your loved ones! Thank you for being a friend, particularly now as we experience hardship & need one another more than ever before. I hope this offers just a little bit of relief while we do whatever we can to stay home, wash our hands, support those doing it tough, stay informed, & #FlattentheCurve ✌🏼🎂❤️💕

Source: Katherine Sabbath on Instagram: “My sweet mates, #KatherineSabbathGreatestHits the eBook, is now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on Google Books & Apple Books. It’s filled with a…”

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Corned beef taiyaki at Sega taiyaki shops

Taiyaki is a more modern Japanese treat, but has become a staple at festivals and in shopping centers ever since its invention in the early 20th century. The little fish-shaped cakes are stuffed with all manner of fillings, from the standard red bean paste to chocolate mint, matcha, and even ice cream. They’re a popular snack for many Japanese commuters, shoppers, and festival-goers.

Though taiyaki are usually made with sweet ingredients, there are sometimes savory varieties offered as well, often on a limitedtime basis. One of those is back by popular demand this month: the Corned Beef Taiyaki with Melted Cheese.

This tasty combination was first released by Sega Taiyaki shops in March last year and was so popular that it sold out multiple days in a row. This year, on March 27, two Sega Taiyaki shops in Tokyo, one in Ikebukuro and one in Akihabara, will be re-releasing the popular snack, in the usual fish form as well as in the form of the Sega logo.

Source: Corned beef taiyaki with melted cheese soon to be available for a limited time at popular chain