My Famicase Exhibition 2020 – My Entry

Here is my entry for the 2020 My Famicase Exhibition. where you make up a game for a famicom cartridge and draw the art label for the cartridge.

Gotcha Gacha


Gotcha Gacha brings all the excitement and fun on real Capsule Machines to the digital world. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything, you still have to pay each time you want to turn the handle. Gotcha Gachas gonna Get ya.


Source: わたしのファミカセ展 2020 – My Famicase Exhibition 2020

Here are a few of my other favourite entries!


Famicase Exhibition – Online

Unfortunately due to the current situation the Famicase exhibition won’t open in Tokyo, but they have put everything online!! I will post my artwork shortly



The Famicase exhibition may be closed at METEOR for a while, But the website goes right on schedule!

Source: METEOR on Instagram: “本年度の『わたしのファミカセ展』店頭展示は延期といたします オンラインサイトでは、予定通り全270作品をご覧いただけるよう準備を進めています。お楽しみに! The Famicase exhibition may be closed at METEOR for a…”

Studio Ghibli releases free wallpapers to download and use

Recently, though, the revered animation studio surprised everyone by agreeing to stream a good chunk of their movies on Netflix, and now they’re surprising us again by announcing the release of a series of wallpapers, which are free to download online.

The move comes at a time when more people than ever are working from home as part of social distancing measures designed to help stop the spread of coronavirus. And according to Studio Ghibli, the new wallpapers are meant to be used as backgrounds for video conferences and chats, so you and the people who communicate with you can feel as if you’ve been whisked away to the magical world of Ghibli.

The available wallpapers feature gorgeous background scenes from the following eight Ghibli films:

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Princess Mononoke

Spirited Away

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Howl’s Moving Castle


The Secret World of Arrietty

The eight wallpapers (pictured above) were released for download on 13 April and Studio Ghibli says they intend to add more wallpapers in future. While the wallpapers can be freely used for virtual chats, and can be resized or trimmed according to the sizing requirements for whatever video call app you’re using, they can’t be used as backgrounds by people advertising companies or products.

So head over to the official Ghibli site here to download the wallpapers and let us know which one you’ll be using for your next video conference call!

Source: Studio Ghibli releases free wallpapers to download and use as backgrounds for video calls | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Pixel Canals – Low Poly Game Level – 3D model by Seafoam (@seafoam)

This took a long time to make! The hardest part was making it look fine on sketchfab. Also I’m submitting this to the January contest in February…. yeah. But it still fits the criteria!I imagined a more “Yakuza” games style level, where the same space acts as a hub world and a fighting arena. Also I took huge influence from Tokyo-to from jet set radio.Named Echo City, built on the pacific ocean by business congloramates to act as a city state and a tax haven. As it is a new nation all of the citizens are immigrants, so that explains the multilingual signs everywhere. This is the same setting my other pixel models reside in.Published a month ago