The Entire Plane of the Milky Way Captured in a Single Photo

By photographing two separate nighttime scenes, one in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere, amateur astrophotographer Maroun Habib cleverly produced this dazzling image of the complete galactic plane visible from Earth

“Is it possible to capture the entire plane of our galaxy in a single image? Yes, but not in one exposure — and it took some planning to do it in two. The top part of the featured image is the night sky above Lebanon, north of the equator, taken in 2017 June. The image was taken at a time when the central band of the Milky Way Galaxy passed directly overhead. The bottom half was similarly captured six months later in latitude-opposite Chile, south of Earth’s equator. Each image therefore captured the night sky in exactly the opposite direction of the other, when fully half the Galactic plane was visible.”

Source: The Entire Plane of the Milky Way Captured in a Single Photo

IMAGEdump – 190408

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

I love these stupid naked cats. they look so angry and interesting and I some day hope to own one. I straight up traced this one for a poster I made years ago. /src/
I long for a large open loft or Waterhouse space to live and work in. in Sydney, that dream was crushed long ago, but I still want it. someday I will have a space like this, calm and peaceful and tranquil, but also productive and fun. /src/
this was a concept for a brand I worked on a bunch of years ago, it was thrown out but I might end up using it for something. who know. /src/
glitchy photos have always appealed to me. I have a lot of apps on my phone to do it, and at one stage I was editing the code of some jpgs in a hex editor to get them all glitchy and rad. I never used them for a project, and this one isn’t even mine, but its rad none the less. /src/
hot star large fried chicken. first found out about this from Eddie Huang when he was in Taiwan for Huang’s World. then it opened up near my home and I got addicted. I try and only get it once a month or so these days.. Crispy, spicy, ethereal as Eddie would say. /src/
Honda ruckus. 50cc of pure badassery. these scooters have been modified to the ends of the earth, and I one day hope to own one. I just need to lose a hundred or so pounds so it will actually drag my fat ass around the back streets of the inner west… its a real tossup between these anda. superb for me, but either way, once I get one I will mod the shit out of it /src/
concrete. minimal. small. this is the perfect kind of house/office for me. this one has to be in Japan somewhere, as no westerner would understand the real appeal of a space like this. when I first lived with JESHKA we made our floor out of polished concrete. it was an old converted garage so there were oil stains and marks all over it, but that was a huge part of the appeal. now I love these super clean fresh concrete walls with the marks from the formwork, and after getting to meet Ando Tadao and seeing his buildings dotted across Japan in the flesh, I want nothing more then a space like this one day. (from the source, of course this one is is Osaka.) /src/
Japan has an amazing knack for making souvenirs that are hyper local, from hello ktty matin takoyaki in Osaka to these beauties I picked up from Hakodate, on Japan’s North Island of Hokkaido. The squid is super common in the waters surrounding the island, and the marimba moss ball (mine is a fake one) originates from Lake Akan. /src/
this is such an awesome tattoo. its simple and interesting, but all has a lot going on. the clouds are my favourite part. I have always been a fan of tattoos like this, and linework only tattoos. I want to have a whole sleeve of linework so if I have kids in the future they will be able to colour it in like a colouring book. /src/
I found this gif back when JESHKA was at school for interior architecture, and I thought it looked like the simplest way to do drawings using 2 point perspective. its just a rubber band and some drawing pins, perfect for quick but accurate sketches.

IMAGEDUMP – 190404

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

pretty sure this is a photo from the mishka store, possibly in Tokyo.
it has been rad to visit this store on a few occasions to pick up some goodies. one time the shop staff found out I was Australian and threw in a beer cooler, cos Australia love beer. (I used it for Chu-hai and milk tea exclusively) /src/
the life aquatic is one of my favourite movies of all time, to the point where I have a tattoo of Steve Zissou on my leg. I just love this super simple poster by Jennifer Lewis. I think I grabbed this when I was working on a couple of Wes Anderson inspired artworks for a gallery show. /src/
looks at this grand old building. there was a time where I was drawing buildings almost like tecnical architectural drawings. I never got around to doing this one (it would have take way too much time in the style) but I still love the look of it. /src/
this is a photo I took of the sky back at my parents house in 2015. the clouds looks so oddly flat and I thought it would make a good background for something, then it went in my stolen image folder and I promptly forgot about it. /src/
I love reflex blue. it is the super bright blue you often see in print projects, and it is so unnaturally vivid that I think it should be used wherever it is appropriate. this is super appropriate. /src/
more aesthetic shit. but I’m pretty sure this one is a real sculpt and not just a render. I love the simplicity of this. /src/
more reflex blue, this time in zine form. I love zines and I am about to embark on a couple of zine projects which I am super excited about, and the monotone versions that look like classic photocopy zines, but are actually purposefully designed really resonate with me… I’m keen, just wait and see. /src/
when I was starting out doing some pixel art I was looking at the game sprites from some of my favourite games. The street fighter sprites have so much detail and are so dynamic, so I saved a ton of them to my stolen images folder. well worth looking at them all if you get a chance /src/
I love neon!!! the colours of this one are super on point… I always wanted to make a neon, but Jeshka let me know that if they break they are super bad for the environment, so I have looked into the LED neon replacements that are o ut there. they have their benefits but they are missing a whole bunch of the allure that real neon has. /src/
there was a time where I was really into vector illustrations like this. this particular series of skull girls was a really good one, with an excellent focus on drawing the hair. who am I kidding, I still like this style of drawing. /src/

IMAGEdump – 190402

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

I love the sock dart. they are weird and futuristic and just rad enough. I ended up wearing a pare of pale pink ones for my wedding. /src/
I love me some neon in publications. and having different size leaf makes for a really interesting finish /src/
I don’t know if I will ever own home where we can really make it our own, but if we do, JESHKA has some mad grand plans. not sure if this pink grout factors into those plans, but I will float the idea and see where it lands… /src/
moss is seriously one of the raddest organisms around. it is basically immortal, it looks the most luxious (luscious and luxurious, its a thing) green you have ever seen, and its surprisingly resilient. anytime I come across a picture of moss, I steal it. /src/
holographic foil. I have used it in a few projects over the years. and I will always go out to bat for it. its luxious (yeah, twice in one post) and it always costs a mint to print, so you know its good. /src/
aesthetic ィが行
æsthetic (ィが行)

I don’t know if this is still considered cool, or if it ever was, but this is totally my jam. lots of purple in an image just appeals to me (see my photo page on if you wanna see) /src/
I love the shining glasses in anime. I know its some kind of trope and it probably means something, but I just dig it. I even made my last business cards in the same style with my glasses using holographic foil (see above) for the shining glasses. ahh time for new business cards.. /src/
I look forward to the automated driving future. I look forward to it even more if all the cars are boxo style like these Electric UPS vans. /src/
I love flip phones, particularly the Japanese style with the really long screen. The first time I was in Japan, there were a lot of these referred to as World Wing, and they were massive, and had these wide displays that rotated with a pullout antenna for terrestrial tv signal. I could neither afford one, nor figure out if it would work at all when I got back home, but I still want one. This particular example has an awesome translucent shell, which reminds me of most of my gameboy collection, and includes a dot matrix screen that could show caller ID and sms through the shell. why are phones these days so boring. Turns out, this phone was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, who also did the Tokyo 2020 Torch and a bunch of other awesome looking phones. /src/
I needed a ball. I got a ball. of course I went for the oil slick looking one. /src/
workwear as streetwear, plus facemasks. I stole this as inspiration for some character design I was working on. need to dig it out and bring it to life. /src/

IMAGEdump – 190328

pretty sure this was research for one of the Art Wank shows. looking at erotica through different mediums. I thought this one was really well executed. (source)
I’m no iPhone fanboy. but they make for very delightful devices to hold. what I really want is a 4G NOKIA 8850 with an excellent camera… /src/
someones kit. for a while I was obsessed with knolling, still am really. I had a regular blog post on the CLOUDmountain blog where I would get people to empty their pickets or bags, lay it all out and photograph it from above…. I might bring that back /src/
I love clouds. any kind of cloud can look lovely. I don’t like destruction though. (source)
I was going to do a series of microscopic bug drawings, but the more I looked at these close up images the more it made my skin crawl. it never happened. (source)
James Jirat Patradoon. he was my fave illustrator throughout my university, and was even a large part of my honours thesis. (I hate to say it, but I prefer his earlier work)
Mike Giant is a living legend. I got to meet him a few years ago, super chill and lovely dude. He posted this shot on his blog a few years ago, and I just loved that he embraced who he was. it think this may have been a senior portrait or something. (source)
design can be so boring these days. I love this kin d of repeat that was prolific in the 80s and early 90s. from memory, this is a modern day repro of the style, but the way those letters stack towards the bottom is super pleasing. (source)
Japanese design is always interesting, and the way in which the Japanese aesthetic has been adopted by the west, and then readopted back into Japan. I have a couple of long form thesis style ideas I want to explore in this area… watch this space. /src/
I love a good business card. some people hate the super flashy ones, but are you kidding me. its an awesome little art print that people will offer up for free. why not make it something super memorable. /src/

IMAGEdump – 190326

this was some of the inspiration I was using when I was getting into pixel art. the colours are almost perfect. /src/
I’ve always been a fan of publishing, haven’t spent years making books full of local artists work, but I love when a book mixed the stock used, or does something unexpected. /src/
an awesome example of Japanese stab binding, where you pierce holes through the pages and then sew them together. I trained in this method while at uni, and even though I don’t use it often with my zines now, it used to be all I would do to bind them. /src/
I love these space suit examples will the full glass dome helmets. so futuristic /src/
speaking of publication, here are a bunch of books I published as well as some zines and stickers at the Print and Staple zine fair at The Tate Gallery a few years back. His Happy spread by yours truly, Demon Spread by Teens on Acid /src/
I know this is a dragon ball reference, I have just started watching the original series from the beginning, but I just loved the illustration style, and this is something I want to try and emulate. /src/
crystal castles. what is there to say. I love the music, I hate the allegations of abuse. I don’t listen much anymore, but I used to listen to them on repeat so much. /src/
an photo from the opening of CUPCO‘s Art Wank 2 show. my work is the nude shibari illustration, bottom centre of frame. /src/
font sample of Cartograph, which I bought on sight. I love a sexy monospace font. for years I have been using Space Mono (cos its free and one of the more interesting fonts around). this blog is set in space mono. but I keep this sexy Cartograph monospace for publications and zines. /src/
this is just some glue for the Nintendo labo kits. you spray it all over to give them more durability, but the simple packaging really caught my eye. and anyone who uses separated CMYK is a friend of mine… /src/

IMAGEdump – 190320

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

what a perfect mon. Japanese family crest for kabuki actors “Kotobuki Ebi”, depicting a Japanese spiny lobster using a kanji “壽” (kotobuki, the old glyph of “寿”, happiness) (source)
logo I made for BROKENtamago… /src/
nicely modified supercub /src/
stanced skateboard. loving the oni camber on the back wheels /src/
jean inspiration for when I finally get around to making my own pants /src/
one of the first and most broadly recognised qr codes with images embedded in it. this was for a Louis Vuitton campaign, designed by Murakami. I don’t think the link works anymore though. /src/
that glow is super perfect. this was one of many inspirations for the glow I try to and put into all my illustrations. /src/
this was a video piece I saw at the Sydney bienielle years ago when I was still in art school. the still looks cool but the video is cooler. (will need to find it) /src/
super cute little fox logo. o love how the tongue is very prominent but doesn’t break out from the stroke itself. /src/
I really wanna do some all over printed gear. but I don’t do anything rad enough at the moment. these colours and this aesthetic is super on point /src/

IMAGEdump – 190318

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

in my opinion the most perfect looking handle bars for a bike
the glow of an ion engine in testing
old meets new with this awesome neoned temple
pink – check. curved corner – check. somewhere in Asia – check (I think this is from Hong Kong)
more nuggety cars. loved this profile with the mirrors way out the front
a pink vis cassette? yes please/
the founders of Studio Ghibli, looking like they are about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2019
hello kitty donut in Shibuya. pretty much living the best life… but not me.
I want headphones like this.
a bench where molten aluminium was poured into a mould around the tree stump.

IMAGE DUMP – 190315

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

this photo reminded me of my street when I lived in Osaka /src/
I lusted over this flight bag until it was sold out. /src/
for years I was obsessed with swamp donkey.. always wanted a sticker. never got a sticker. /src/
I have to rewatch NGE /src/
professional Yakult drinking /src/
this kid knows what’s up /src/
super cubs for the win, dream garage item /src/
awesome lil chip tune sequence from (I think) Steven universe… /src/
artwork I made for a group show a few years ago. My dad helped me wire it up. currently sitting in storage somewhere. /src/
I love nuggety old cars /src/

IMAGE DUMP – 190313

10 random images from my stolen images folder with as much context as I can remember… (and I will try to find the source at some stage as well)

this is an awesome stencil by an old friend, Teem Collective. /src/
would love too have one of these scultptures at home /src/
any time I am stressed, I pull up this gif and I am no longer stressed. /src/
pink neons, enough said /src/
I don’t remember when I first started like oni-camber, but I wish I lived in a country where this was legal /src/
this hand embroidered patch glows in the dark! /src/
I love me some super simple rad looking vinyl toys. /src/
I didn’t manage to get this release, but I got on that is rainbow galaxy flake with a glow brain, so that’s rad. /src/
who doesn’t like a tiddy. /src/
kintsugi taken to the next level, creating totally new objects that are oddly beautiful. /src/