Sony celebrates 40 years of Walkman in Tokyo – The Verge

The Sony Walkman TPS-L2 was released 40 years ago this summer, forever changing the way the world listened to music. It became arguably the most iconic brand in Sony’s history, with hundreds of devices bearing the name and continuing to be released today.To celebrate the Walkman’s legacy, Sony held an exhibit in Tokyo until this week called “Walkman in the Park.” The venue is Ginza Sony Park, a new public space that sits on the site of the iconic old Sony building that was recently demolished; another Sony building will be constructed here next year.

Source: Sony celebrates 40 years of Walkman in Tokyo – The Verge

Beautiful Castle Death Machine by BitMorsel


I was stoked when Noah (AKA Bitmorsel) reached out to me about making a game from My Famicase artwork for Beautiful Castle Death Machine. He shred some in progress worked over the last month or so, and has finally put up a downloadable version!

here is my original case design the game was inspired by

Beautiful Castle Death Machine: A quiet morning survival version by BAKAkid

Go check it out, like, follow, support indie game creators.

Thanks Bitmorsel !!!

This game is part of the “A Game By Its Cover Jam 2019”.  Development will continue beyond the event.  Your feedback can help influence the features of the game, so please leave a comment! (Gamepad Recommended)

Programming & Pixel Art by BitMorsel:

The concept is based on a fictional Famicom game cartridge created by artist Bakakid:


Music created by Rolesmusic:

Licensed under create commons CC BY 4.0 International:

Source: Beautiful Castle Death Machine by BitMorsel

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders


The servers at The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders, a series of pop-up restaurants in Tokyo, are all living with dementia, which means that you might not receive what you ordered.All of our servers are people living with dementia. They may, or may not, get your order right.However, rest assured that even if your order is mistaken, everything on our menu is delicious and one of a kind. This, we guarantee.“It’s OK if my order was wrong. It tastes so good anyway.” We hope this feeling of openness and understanding will spread across Japan and through the world.At the first pop-up, 37% of the orders were mistaken. This video explains a bit more about the concept and shows the restaurant in action.

Source: The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Supreme’s new feature phone is for hypebeasts only – The Verge

A 3G feature phone with a massive Supreme logo.

ive been trying to get a working feature(ish) phone, with google maps and Spotify. my latest attempt was a Japanese domestic Sharp Aquos Keitai 2 flip phone. it is awesome, long battery, but unfortunately I can’t do security updates on it without a y!mobile sim on a Japanese domestic network… and no app installs.

I might revisit and see if I can install custom firmware or something… but for now, its calls and Line only.


Source: Supreme’s new feature phone is for hypebeasts only – The Verge