Pixel Canals – Low Poly Game Level – 3D model by Seafoam (@seafoam)

This took a long time to make! The hardest part was making it look fine on sketchfab. Also I’m submitting this to the January contest in February…. yeah. But it still fits the criteria!I imagined a more “Yakuza” games style level, where the same space acts as a hub world and a fighting arena. Also I took huge influence from Tokyo-to from jet set radio.Named Echo City, built on the pacific ocean by business congloramates to act as a city state and a tax haven. As it is a new nation all of the citizens are immigrants, so that explains the multilingual signs everywhere. This is the same setting my other pixel models reside in.Published a month ago

A Very Frosty, Expensive Game Boy | Kotaku Australia

Artist Daniel Arsham, who in 2018 quietly collaborated on one of the sneakers of the year, often makes and sells very expensive, very sought-after stuff on his personal site. Loads of them are from his “future relic” series, where everyday pieces of tech and pop culture are reimagined as archaeological remains, and the next one is the Game Boy.

Many of his previous future relics have sold for $US500 ($724) retail and then thousands at resale, so this is a little more exclusive than your average Nintendo collectable, even if the crystal effect is just for show (it’s actually made of resin). Whether it’s worth that much to you is up to, well, you.

Source: A Very Frosty, Expensive Game Boy | Kotaku Australia