My Famicase Exhibition 2020 – My Entry

Here is my entry for the 2020 My Famicase Exhibition. where you make up a game for a famicom cartridge and draw the art label for the cartridge.

Gotcha Gacha


Gotcha Gacha brings all the excitement and fun on real Capsule Machines to the digital world. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything, you still have to pay each time you want to turn the handle. Gotcha Gachas gonna Get ya.


Source: わたしのファミカセ展 2020 – My Famicase Exhibition 2020

Here are a few of my other favourite entries!



Hi everyone,

It’s an extreme tough time to all the people who have to face and struggle the virus, we hope you stay healthy and safe.

‘Do something helpful for our living community’ has inspired me and Yutong to keep trying and creating. We know not everyone can get a proper protection at quarantine time right now, so we want to share the idea of our home-made mask — ‘EVERYONE CAN MAKE A MASK’. It’s a quite simple way to help and keep you safe with what matters to you the most.

Make sure you have the proper tools and protective materials for making the mask, hope it helps people not harms. You can download the mask template for free and check the tutorial video below.

It’s a public interest project for benefiting people, do not use for any commercial purpose without authorization.

Keep social distance, wash your hands and support the frontline. Hope it can help you to get through this tough time.

Zhijun Wang & Yutong Duan

Zhijun Wang, Chinese, born 1982. Customized sneaker mask since 2013, in the past 7 years, he has handmade over 200 pieces of sneaker masks.