Lets talk about…

I have been making some good progress on the website – www.baka.osaka – by getting up at 5 in the morning and coding for about an hour an a half. I probably only do about 30 mins of actual coding, as I spend a lot of time reading up on current css and html, which has come leaps and bounds since I last made a website…

CSS Variables?!?!?! amaze.

anyway, I thought I would make a post talking about some of the regular features I plan to have on this blog… there have been a few in the works for a while, but there were some issues that stopped me from even starting them (more on that later).

Here are the (work in progress) titles of some regular features I want to include in this blog.

WORK//WIP – drawings and photos I have taken, or that are works in progress.
Occasional snacking – snack blog
Ok let’s talk about – open discussion on a topic
I want that – things I wanna buy
I got that – things I bought
Creative Problems – just things I have learnt and likes
Data Hoarder – backups and downloads
Fontophile – fonts I like

these will probably just be the category tags and not the headings, but who knows…

I wanted to start this blog at the end of last year, with a focus on illustration, but also sharing the peach cola drinks from Japan. Unfortunately I had to delay it due to a cyst in my eye, which has since gone away, but it was affecting my ability to focus, and so drawing was taken off the table for a few months. I also wasn’t allowed caffeine, and how can I talk about peach cola drinks if I can’t even drink them. So here we are, 5 or so months after I wanted to start this blog, starting this blog.

here are some photos from Osaka… there will be plenty more of these in the future.